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  by Cosmetic Innovations Inc.

    A Must Have For Veneer Cementation


v     Easy to use

v     Prevents movement of the veneer during cementation

v     Allows clear visibility of working field


1 Once tooth is prepared and cement placed, use Veneer Styx to help position veneer on tooth, creating a fulcrum on adjacent teeth and using light finger pressure to hold veneer in place.


2 Rotate the tip of the Veneer Styx so that the narrow portion is placed cervically and the wider portion is more incisal.


3 The Veneer Styx tip can be rotated to fit maxillary or mandibular, anterior or posterior teeth.


4 Once positioned, your assistant has clear visibility and easy access to light cure and floss contacts.


NOTE: Veneer Styx can also be used to seat inlays and onlays.


Veneer Styx are autoclavable, and the tips are disposable (single use per patient).

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