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How are Veneer Styx more efficient for aiding in veneer cementation than using one ís fingers or other implements?



Veneer Styx are easy to use and are ideal for the positioning and cementation of porcelain veneers. Bulky fingers tend to obstruct one ís view, making it difficult to both see the veneer and to direct light to the portion of the veneer that needs to be cured.Those slippery, gloved fingers have compromised tactile sensation and can inadvertently cause the veneer to move, resulting in undesired results and costly consequences.No other dental implement is designed to adequately hold and position veneers without slippage.Only Veneer Styx can give the assurance of predictable results while enhancing the dentist ís vision during veneer placement. The slender, contoured design of the Veneer Styx tip keeps the margins of the veneer clearly visible and accessible, allowing easy access for the light source, floss and interproximal serrated metal strips.



What makes Veneer Styx tips so unique?



Veneer Styx tips are made of a semi-soft, flexible and slightly tacky material that is ideal for positioning and holding the veneer in place during the cementation process.Each tip has an internal hex, which allows it to rotate to fit both anterior and posterior, maxillary and mandibular teeth.It has a slender design that narrows at one end and widens at the other (for cervical and incisal widths respectively), and a body design that follows the convex nature of the veneer.Additionally, Veneer Styx are excellent for seating inlays and onlays, as they apply just the right amount of gentle pressure without any slippage.Veneer Styx tips are also disposable, so they are compliant with infection control guidelines.



How many Veneer Styx Starter Kits do you recommend a dentist who places veneers has on hand?



It is recommended that dentists who incorporate porcelain veneers into their practice have two Veneer Styx per operatory and enough replacement tips to cover the number of veneer patients they see over a six month period.

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